bcr.pngThe Bear, the Cat, and the Rabbit is an odd one. It has the look and feel of old, isometric PC games and is as unforgiving in its challenge as classic point-and-click adventures.

In a world overcome by dust, you take control of the three eponymous characters, anthropomorphic animals each stranded in a separate part of the game's "map."

Your first goal in the game is to unite the three, a difficult task due to the constant sandstorms, not to mention the eerie way the land tends to loop, over and over again, with nothing but strange pillars and the same crushed boulders as landmarks.

bcr2.pngNavigating out of one loop and into the next is the game's first "puzzle," but solving it isn't as straightforward as most games. There's more experimentation and repetition involved than simply piecing together A and B.

Give The Bear, the Cat, and the Rabbit a try for free on itch.io. You can also download it for Windows.