DropWizard.pngWhen it comes to distilling the joys of classic arcade gaming and brilliantly porting them to touch-screen devices, nobody does it better than indie studio Neutronized and their freshly released Drop Wizard (iPhone, i Pad) should be more than enough to convince you.

It takes the classic Snow Brothers/Bubble Bobble formula and cleverly transforms it into something definitely recognizable, very different and extremely fun. You now only move left or right and every time you fall from a platform you shoot a star that can stun opponents. Touch them before they get up and you've killed them.

Simple, yes, but also ingenious and if you add a ton of expertly designed levels and those bright, nostalgic, arcade-like pixel graphics you've got a wonderful thing to play with on the go. Happily, Drop Wizard only costs $0.99 so, if you like your arcade gaming, well, just grab it.