tileenigma.pngTile Enigma is a puzzle game that tests the player's ability to visualize changing board states in advance. The player can slide a tile, flipping it over as the tile moves to an adjacent space, or tap a row with two fingers to flip all the tiles in the row over without moving them. Using only those mechanics, and later some special tiles, the player must make all the tiles in every row and column match at least once. The early levels are easy, but it isn't long before the player needs to bend their brain to solve the puzzles.

It's a universal iOS app that's free to download and comes with 40 of the 100 levels available. The game has some in-app purchases, one of which unlocks the remaining levels, one of which removes the infrequent ads, and several that can be used to give the player more moves to work with. All of the puzzles are solvable within the default number of moves, however, and star ratings for each level are based on how quickly the puzzles are solved rather than the number of moves used.

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