mechsmercs.pngCreating a shiny RTS with proper AI, interesting units and 3D graphics is far from a simple (or cheap) thing, but developers Camel 101 have done exactly that with Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons.

It's a tactical real time game that wisely features Mechs and a game that looked so polished and beautiful I simply had to try. Despite a few hick-ups and a pretty brutal difficulty curve, the thing did eventually win me over with its lovely graphics, interesting plot and its huge variety of mechanics; despite the initial control frustrations.

Sticking with it though, reveals a well designed, demanding and thus highly rewarding game with a detailed and realistic combat system that works brilliantly. Yes, Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons has been designed for the hardcore virtual tactician and it's all the better for this.

Also, it will run on both Windows and Linux PCs.