goscurry.pngEver wanted to speed across a skyroad that's building itself in real time right in front of you? To race over lovely procedurally generated cities? To show off your twitch arcade skills on a brilliantly colourful racer? Well, you are in luck. Demigiant's Goscurry is the game you've been looking for and it's finally made its psychedelic self available as an all singing all dancing Steam release for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The game, besides sporting wonderfully stylized urban vistas and one of the best electro soundtracks of late, is most definitely not about seeing the sights or marveling at the self-assembling roads. It's all about the exhilarating sense of speed and the testing of both your reflexes and precision and it simply wouldn't work if it weren't for its excellent, super responsive controls.

The demanding, lightning fast, addictive and at times hypnotic Goscurry, also comes with a variety of different racing modes, a selection of futuristic 3D vehicles, cities to discover, online leaderboards and all the goodies one has come to expect from a serious Steam release (achievements, cards etc). It also comes highly recommended.