technobabylon.pngSeasoned indie adventurers should have already played through the first, freeware and rather excellent cyberpunk Technobabylon adventures, though now both they and everyone else looking for some top quality point-and-clickable science fiction should prepare for the ultimate release of Technobabylon; sometime this Spring.

This new Technobabylon, an impressive audio-visual update of the original that will finally see the story reach its conclusion, features full voice-acting and tons of additions that have already earned it a place in my important adventures to look out for list. And, yes, I do have such a list. And big, clever, dystopian cyberpunk adventures by two of the best adventure devs always make it look all the more exciting.

But, I digress. To introduce you to the setting (and show off its beauty) Technocrat and Wadjet Eye Games have prepared an excellent this rather extensive teaser: