Driversed.jpgToday's trailer roundup covers a lot of platforms, though most of the games are or will be on multiple platforms.

iOS | $TBA | Q2 2015

This game will ask the player to guide a ship indirectly, by creating black holes to pull it this way and that.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | January 16 | Demo (Web Unity)

From the developer: "Anoxemia is a slow-paced exploration horror-adventure game. It takes place under the sea shortly after Dr. Bailey's submarine crashes, leaving him stranded on the ocean floor. It's a big, dark world out there, and the mystery of why your sub crashed isn't going to solve itself."

Blue-Collar Astronaut
Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii U | $TBA | Fall 2015 | Greenlight | Demo (Unity Web)

This physics game is inspired by Lunar Lander, but adds a dash of social commentary. After getting out of driving school, players will have tons of debt to pay off.

Windows | reg. $19.99 | Early access

Not to be confused with AGRAV, above, GRAV is a survival sandbox in space. With all the co-op dance parties one could want, it seems. It's currently 30% off for its early access release.

iOS, Android | $2.99 | Available now

A puzzle platformer in which the player controls a rolling cube with a shield on one side and a gun on the other. The gun can be used to propel oneself into the air and the trailer shows some movement along walls and ceilings.

The Mims Beginning
Windows, Mac, Linux | reg. $19.99 | Early Access on January 14

Though not the most exciting of trailers, this one shows off a god game which reminds me of Black & White (but with no giant pet creature). It'll be 15% for its early access launch week.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Release TBA

Poi is to be "a 3D open-world adventure platformer inspired by Super Mario 64, Super Monkey Ball, and Shadow of the Colossus." There's very little information available about the game yet, but it looks like they have some cool platforming segments already implemented.

iOS | $2.99 | January 15

This is to be a puzzle game in which the player must fill in missing tiles in a grid to get the ball from one place to another. It will have a level editor and social sharing capabilities.

Windows, Mac, OUYA | $2.99 | Available now | Greenlight

An artsy platformer. From the developer: "Sym tells the story of Josh, a boy affected by social anxiety disorder, as he tries to navigate and reconcile a maze of two equally dangerous worlds; his perception of the outside, and the emotions of his inner self. "