Gameplay1.gifThis week's trailer roundup is quite colorful and includes four free games that are available now.

Windows | Free | Early build (currently 0.8)

This runner, a student project aimed at spreading awareness of Net Neutrality, can be played in either first or third person. Their current build is freely available with a projected finished release this spring. First-person gameplay can be viewed here.

Black Bow
Browser | Free | Available now

A stealth action archery game. Combine your artillery aiming skills with sneaking.

Gocco of War
Windows | $TBA | Summer 2015 | Greenlight

This is a co-op action game for up to four players from a Japanese indie developer who doesn't like blood and gore. It's to have MMO-like lobbies where players can show off customizable avatars.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $9+ | May 2015 | Kickstarter | Greenlight

The game is about a character called Moonman who explores the vibrant regions and biomes of his nocturnal world looking for fragments of moons -- in order to build a sun. The fragments may be hidden in caves or tombs, be inside large creatures, or hoarded by hermits. The gameplay involves a mix of platforming, resource collecting, crafting, trading, combat and puzzle solving. Each new game will procedurally generate a unique planet to explore and you'll be adventuring through populated towns, dark dungeons, exotic forests, quiet caves, submerged tombs, and crumbling castles.

One More Line
Browser, iOS, Android | Free (removable ads on mobile) | Available now

One More Line is one of those super simple, super hard games.

Pavel Quest
Windows, Mac, Linux | $4.99 | February 26, 2015 | Greenlight

From the developer: "Pavel Quest is a pixel art, puzzle platformer where you cannot stop running, and you can only turn around by bumping into walls. Learning the physics system and how you can use it to overcome the challenges you encounter (spikes, fireballs, giant gaps, acid sprayers) is what Pavel Quest is all about."

iOS, Android | $TBA | Soon

A puzzle game in which the player rotates rings to match colors. There are to be multiple game modes, including constructed puzzles and arcade action.

Sol Trader
Windows, Mac; maybe Linux | $15+ | August 2015 | Kickstarter

The developers are billing this game as "a fusion of Elite, Asteroids & Dwarf Fortress."

Tiny Robot Justice Squad
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Mid 2015 | Greenlight

A shooter/platformer hybrid taking inspiration from games such as Contra and SmashTV. It's being developed by one person and all proceeds are to be donated to charity.

You. Me. Hell.
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android | Free | Available now

This one is a free point and click adventure game. From the developer: " 'You. Me. Hell.' is not a game about saving the world. It's a game about a relationship, about how things can go wrong, and how they can be set right again."