Grisly, blocky murders abound in the city, but Emma Jones and her fedora-wearing partner, Franky the Cat, love this town and intend to clean it up. Still, where's a gal to find the strand that will start unraveling this mystery? That's where you come in, using your detective skills, some exploration, and a handy revolver filled with strange bullets to dig your way through the city's dirt and find the truth buried underneath in Glass Bottom Games' Hot Tin Roof.


Hot Tin Roof has a branching storyline that will require a great deal of snooping to find out. Offering four plot threads and fifteen solutions across an open world, the game's story changes greatly depending on what clues you find and who you shake down for information. Some areas are blocked off, though, and you'll need the right kind of shot for your revolver to get through. Picking up bullets like you'd pick up powers in Metroid, you'll get shots that burn, break crates, and otherwise give you more access to the city and its secrets. You aren't out to hurt anyone so none of these bullets kill, but they will help you solve this case. Well, if you're good enough and thorough enough, that is.


As noir as the game is, it does have a sense of humor. Grizzled detectives somehow just seem to work alongside hat-wearing cats and mice in ties when Glass Bottom Games are on the case. Seeing that strange cast of funny characters will be a big part of the fun as you use your clues to open up new dialogue options, slowly working toward the black, tarry center of the evil Tootsie Pop the city has become.

Hot Tin Roof is available for $15.00 from the game's site and $14.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and Glass Bottom Games, you can go to their website or follow them on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and YouTube.