Jump'N'Shoot Attack seems to have been built out of pure contempt for many of the things going on in the mobile phone game market. Its developer, FreakZone Games, says that players are tired of virtual buttons and Free to Play models that find endlessly creative ways to beg for money. With their experience creating challenging, quality action games like Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and MANOS: The Hands of Fate, they're hoping to bring solid shooting and jumping to phones this March, doing away with clunky inputs and hateful microtransactions in the process.


Jump'N'Shoot Attack keeps players moving forward, but its play style is closer to R-Type than any of the glut of endless runners. You'll have to slide, shoot, fly, and dodge using a two touch control scheme that's been specifically designed to do away with the nuisance of virtual buttons. The developer has not gone into detail on what this two touch scheme is, though, so it's difficult to say how several different actions will be mapped to touching the screen. There has been a large focus on making these controls work well, though, so it will be interesting to see how they function.


What can be drawn from the trailer is that fast-paced action is going to be the most important part. It's hard not to be reminded of games like Mega Man, Abadox, Metroid, and Contra by its pixel art style and the stages that cross between mechanical/biological. It's a sickening, weird, dangerous world, and it looks like you'll be tapping fast in order to stay intact in it. NES difficulty is coming along with the NES art style, so limber up those fingers for March when FreakZone Games does their best to show up the Free to Play market up with a hail of pixelated gunfire.

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