lsd1.jpgFew games are brave enough to leave the player with nothing more than a space and their own thoughts.

LSD: Dream Emulator for the original PlayStation was among the earliest to do so, a surreal first-person explorer that set you down in the virtual renderings of designer Hiroko Nishikawa's dreams.

It was never popular beyond its cult following, and almost seventeen years later it could be defined as outdated, hard to control, and definitely hard to find outside of PSX emulators, but its value has not been lost.

LSD Revamped, recently posted on GameJolt, is an attempt to bring back what was good about the old LSD: Dream Emulator with a modern engine, while still remaining faithful to the classic. It's also free, making it accessible for new players.

lsd3.jpgThe game is still in early alpha, and it shows. So far, it contains only a few worlds and is prone to crashing, but what I was able to explore felt very loyal to the original.

"It is currently in an alpha state, meaning that I've released it to the community in order to help fix all the bugs!" states its GameJolt page.

Still, if you're a fan of the old LSD and don't feel like digging up a ROM to relive its eerie, blocky worlds, think about supporting LSD Revamped by downloading it on GameJolt, its website, or donating to the developer's Patreon.

Development is ongoing and according to its website, plans for the finished game (besides all the locations) include community maps, texture and audio packs, mod support, Oculus Rift support, and more.