c461912b2aa13845eac403efdce788d2_large.png An extended gameplay trailer for NightCry (formerly known as Project Scissors), a new game from Nude Maker and Hifumi Kono (Creator of the Clock Tower franchise), released a few days ago. This trailer sheds some light on some previously unclear gameplay mechanics, such as the use of in-game social media when being hunted down by an evil spirit using a giant pair of shears, while also giving an idea on the various ways poor Monica will meet her end once the game comes to PC.

170dc117138856fe964fdb3a47d2b897_large.png It's clear that this is the game Clock Tower fans have been hoping it would be. The trailer shows an emphasis on hiding from the Scissorwalker, with Monica being taken to several different locations to hide while being chased. Some hiding spots are more effective than others, putting an emphasis on tension that many modern horror games seem to have forgotten when they're stuffing the player in a locker. The trailer also demonstrates a breath meter, shown by a blue light closing in on the player, that directly ties in to how long you can run at full speed. Monica's cardio doesn't look much better than mine, so she can only sprint for so long before she's left gasping and wheezing.

349997ef8c78dc9b7dab5eaca1b35adc_large.png Also featured are the game's social media tie ins when Monica finds a phone on the body of a less-crafty seafarer. In it, she can access someone's media page, looking at bits of their history to find clues to solve in-game puzzles, or just see if she can get someone's attention. How many likes do you think she'll get for her post about a murderer on the ship? Maybe someone should have posted to Twitter instead of Facebook if she wanted help.

6edda73de0bf6387dfa084d83b4df369_large.jpg NightCry, with its multiple possible endings and push for hiding from danger, is still far from its Kickstarter goal and running through its last days this week. Those interested in seeing what Kono can do with his frightening concepts using modern technology may want to send some cash his way now. With his assembled dream team of Japanese composers, artists, and filmakers, it would be a shame not to see this project take off.

For more information on NightCry and Nude Maker, you can head to the game's website or follow its development on Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.