The world is at peace, but it is a joyless one. Humanity has been forced to a lifeless calm through the banning of any stimulus like art or music that might stir up dangerous, troubling emotions. In this world, born from the imaginations of Jake Kaufman (Composer for Shovel Knight, Double Dragon Neon, and Ducktales Remastered) and Jessie Seely (Vocalist for Double Dragon Neon), two robots gain the ability to sing. This power will help them bring the world, and you along with it, back to joys of art and music through an inhabitable, musical experience like no other in [NUREN] The New Renaissance.


[NUREN] The New Renaissance is a feature-length music video/game experience, one that harnesses the power of the Oculus Rift (or your PC) to let you experience the world first hand as the music surrounds you. Each track will take the player to various new locations with their own unique visual show to explore. The currently available stage for the song Broken Perfect lets you watch as the twin singing robots, RIX and QGK, dance in front of a spectacular light show, also letting the player look around a dark city in the sky. As the robots' powers grow and overwhelm the city's bleakness, the whole place joins in as lights pulse to the beat of the music. You can feel their powers eroding the century of oppressive rule even in this first track - a pounding beat driven by Seely's vocals that hints at the raw power of the music that is to come.


It's quite an experience to be able to look around these futuristic locations while listening to the music, really giving a sense that you're watching a concert in person on some ever-shifting distant world. To fund this experience, Kaufman and Seely are turning to Kickstarter, looking to raise $70000 to complete development. Mingling the interactivity of a game world with futuristic visuals to create an interactive music experience, [NUREN] The New Renaissance hopes to bring you along with the rebellion as RIX and QGK bring life back to this world.

For more information on [NUREN] The New Renaissance, you can go to the game's website or follow its development on Facebook and Twitter.