demo.gifA Good Snowman Is Hard To Build is the name of the game, but it also functions as a description of its gameplay. It's a puzzle game in which each puzzle has three balls of snow for the player to turn into a snowman. The player must push the snow balls around, making them bigger if necessary and stacking them in the right order to make snowmen. And sometimes, doing so is hard.

The starting size and placement of each of the three balls differs from puzzle to puzzle, as does the amount of snow on the ground. Rolling a snow ball over a snow-covered square increases its size if it isn't already at max, and a snowman can only be made using one ball of each size. Fortunately, rolling a ball onto a snow-covered square uses up the snow and not all squares are covered with snow in every puzzle. Snow balls can also be stacked and unstacked easily, allowing for maneuvers reminiscent of a Tower of Hanoi puzzle on a small scale.

It's a simple and elegantly executed concept with pleasant music and cute graphics to give the game a feel-good atmosphere. You can interact with things in the environment, sitting on benches, poking things, and the like. Interacting with the completed snowmen is my favorite thing to do outside of the puzzles.

The game is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Its regular price is $12 and it's 20% off on Steam until March 4th. However, once per day until March 10th, the developers are checking the temperature in London and selling the game at that price for the following 24 hours.

[A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build]