Taking superheroes seriously never really worked for me. While I do appreciate the idea, silly spandex costumes and animal ears always make me anticipate jokes and that is one of the reasons I am glad to see the first episode of the Supreme League of Patriots released. This is point-and-click adventure that does take its comedy very seriously indeed.

The Supreme League of Patriots will be concluded in three satirical episodes, the first one of which will introduce you to purple, patriotic superhero Kyle Keever and his sidekick in a quest to make it to the America's Got Superpowers reality show. Obviously things get much weirder and much more interesting when Kyle turns into the proper and aptly named superhero Purple Patriot and attempts to force himself as New York's savior.

The game comes complete with some great voice acting, cartoony 3D graphics, solid puzzles, a tiered hint system and a ton of jokes for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can buy it on GOG, Steam and the Phoenix Online Store.