Sailing the dark and wonderful Unterzee, only occasionally eating a sailor and having political conversations with exiled demons. Discovering fabled islands, transporting stolen goods and discussing poetry. Battling sentient icebergs and exploring the harbour of Fallen London. Yes, it is obvious that the incredibly promising Sunless Sea has finally left early access and properly launched itself for Mac and Windows. Happily, it's excellent.

And as I've been keeping myself from playing this immensely imaginative game ever since I originallypreviewed it, I just had to spend a dozen hours re-appreciating its sights, stories and characters and merely scratching the surface.


The Sunless Sea, you see, is a huge game sporting hundreds of thousands of words that casts you as a captain of a steamship ready to explore, trade, battle and meet the most outrageous of characters. A roguelike RPG of sorts played on lovely map filled with bottomless pits and strange islands.

The Sunless Sea is available now on Steam, GOG and the Failbetter's site.