srbt.pngThis trailer roundup is a day late, but hopefully I didn't lose any dollars. Get ready to do things like run with scissors, play with shadows, or challenge friends to make a platformer that they can beat but you can't.

Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 | $15 | Available now

This 2D action game asks the player to assault Mt. Olympus, in Greek fresco style. It looks like the player gets a lot of neat moves, too.

Windows, iOS | $3.99-$5.99 | Available now

From the developer: "Ephemerid is a rock fairy tale about a paper mayfly. Part rhythm game, part point-and-click adventure, and part rock opera." Ephemerid is an IGF 2015 finalist.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Before April 2015

In this game, players are to take on the role of a thief trying to steal something from a nuclear power plant on the verge of exploding. The developers quote Thirty Flights of Loving, The Stanley Parable, and Jazzpunk as inspirations for the game.

Nobody Said It Was Easy
iOS, Browser (Flash) | Free (Removable ads $0.99) | Available now

A super-hard, two-button platformer for iOS. The player can only turn around by bumping into a wall. It has 100 levels and there's an older version playable in the browser on the developer's web site.

Windows, PS4 | $9.99 | February (Win, PS4 NA), Early 2015 (PS4 EU)

A local multiplayer brawler with lots of character. The arenas are all themed around classic novels including Journey to the Center of the Earth and Dante's Inferno.

Red Goddess
Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4; future Wii U, PS Vita | $TBA | April 2015

Red Goddess is the first game to make it into these trailer roundups three times because they keep releasing such great footage. This one is more like a proper trailer than the last one, with new gameplay footage and some neat teasers for the story.

iOS | $2.99 | Available now

If you're looking for a new zen-like puzzle game, here you are. Manipulate objects to find hidden images in the shadows on the wall. There are 70 levels and each level has secondary shadows to find.

Small Radios Big Televisions
Windows, Mac, PS4 | $TBA | Sometime 2015

This one is to be a point-and-click adventure game in which the player visits worlds stored inside cassette tapes, then uses magnets to distort the worlds before going back. The game was inspired by "the feeling of playing an old cassette tape found in a basement, combined with the atmosphere of urban exploration."

Ultimate Chicken Horse
Windows, Mac | $TBA | ETA Early May | Greenlight

This is a multiplayer game in which players take turns building a 2D platformer level, adding pieces to make the level harder. The catch is that it's like the schoolyard game H.O.R.S.E. -- once you make the level harder, you have to prove that you can beat it before handing it off the the other player so they can up the ante. I can't wait to see streams and Let's Plays of this one.

Windows, Mac | $TBA | Release TBA | Greenlight

Here we have a puzzle platformer with simple mechanics and a lot of potential.