2_Dawn.pngIt's the last week of February and today we have things like cameras and fuzzy blue monsters for you to look over.

Alto's Adventure
iOS | $1.99 | Available now

This endless snowboarding game is a joy to look at.

Windows | $TBA | First trimester 2015 | Greenlight

This one is a 2D action RPG under development by African developer Kiro'o Games.

beyond 35000
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Release TBA

From the developer: "The gameplay is a mix of classical racing and free flying. You can navigate space in all 6 degrees of freedom, but staying low and sticking to the ground, walls or ceiling gives you an extra boost to win the race. You can snap your ship to any surface, thus spinning the track around."

Boss Wave
Windows, Mac, Linux | $8+ | February 2016 | Kickstarter | Greenlight

From the developer: "Boss Wave is a fast-paced arena shooter being developed by two guys where everything is synchronized to a high-energy soundtrack. Each level starts with you fighting enemies in an arena. Part-way through the level, the Boss Wave starts. This section transitions the game into an infinite runner with a massive robot boss chasing you. If you don't destroy it before time runs out, it's game over."

Camera Obscura
Windows | $6.99 | Available now

A platformer in which the player must take images of the platforms and move them around to make new ones. It differs from Snapshot by not being about pictures of objects and by being an image of all applicable objects on the screen at the time.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone (future Windows, Mac, Linux) |
$0.99 | Available now (mobile), TBA (PC) | Web prototype

Hook is a case of being exactly what it says on the tin: a relaxing puzzle game. It has already been Greenlit for release on Steam.

Windows (future Mac, Linux) | $7 | April 12, 2015 | Greenlight | Free beta

A roguelike in which you possess enemies to learn their skills and gain their strengths.New features, such as an item system, have been added to MidBoss since it was in alpha. The beta is available as a free download.

Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Wii U | $4.99 | Available now

A 2-player cat-and-mouse game in which one person is a celebrity and the other is the paparazzi trying to get their picture. It was first prototyped at a game jam where the theme was a quote: "Cameras aren't guns. They can't really hurt you."

iPad, Android | $3.99 | March 2015

Gameplay doesn't start being shown until about halfway through this trailer, but I've tried a development build and it's shaping up to be a neat single-player strategy board game. Kinda like a European style board game for one.

Windows | $10+ | November 2015 | Kickstarter

Unraveled aims to have its aesthetics be a throwback to SNES/PSX era JRPGs,. The gameplay, however, is to be in more of a platformer/adventure style and the game's story is inspired by true events, is to have little to no dialogue, and will involve traipsing through a girl's imagination. It sounds like a recipe for something special. Right now the game is slated for Windows only, but they have stretch goals aimed at porting the game to other systems/OSes. They've already been Greenlit.