Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse has a pretty cute exterior. The wooden, marionette-like characters, good and bad, have a charming, cartoon-style appearance that makes them look adorable even when they're trying to be menacing. Your golem, Roguard, is always smiling despite being set upon by the wooden dead, and even when he falls asleep and the dead close in, it's still got this strange cuteness to it. Then you notice that something is deep and terribly wrong about what Steamroller Studios has created. Something unsettling.


Lathe is a handy little crafter, gathering materials and learning to create new structures during the day while Rogard keeps the deadwood (zombies) busy. Useful guy, as all of the turrets, mines, fences, and other defenses he learns to build will help keep Roguard safe at night when he dozes off and puts the protection job in Lathe's hands. At this point, the game turns into a multi-directional shooter, as Lathe uses the defenses he's built and a number of equip-able weapons to fight off the monsters until dawn comes to revive his companion.


Still, have we all noticed the same thing about this game yet? What Lathe builds everything out of? Wood. But most of the people and dead in this game are also made of wood. All the fences, bridges, houses, barrels, lightposts, and just about everything in this world is made of wood. Yes, it makes the game cute, but when you think of it, he's building everything in the game out of the same materials HE is made of. That would be like me building a fence of flesh and bone outside my house. While it would keep the neighbors out, that's not quite right. Still, if this horrifying revelation hasn't put you off of the game (it shouldn't), then you can keep your eyes on Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse as it brings its cute/horrifying world to life.

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