HotelParadise01.pngEver had that feeling of being lost regardless of the many available clues to find your way back? It can happen if you're not accustomed to whatever place you found yourself in. Kai Clavier managed to recreate that exact sensation through the randomized corridors of his Hotel Paradise, a first person exploration game where, evidently, no playthough is the same.

WASD to move, mouse to look around, and right click to interact, that's pretty standard. Instead, what really seems to make no sense at all is the layout of the building. Hotel Paradise has just one floor, and even if you try to turn always in the same direction trying to walk in a circle, you won't ever end up where you spawned if not by accident or luck (call it as you wish). Still, the music is very pleasant, and walking a bit around can't really hurt given how classy everything feels.

The problem is that you're not supposed to wander aimlessly. Every time you 'check in', as the main menu funnily says, you're assigned a key numbered from 1 to 999, and the goal, is to find your room without knowing exactly how to reach it. Whenever a corridor merges into another a tag tells you which chunk of rooms you can find going left and right. However, even if I tried my hardest at finding some sort of logical connection between the series of numbers you see, I soon gave up. Sometimes finding the right door can take several minutes, whereas during my last attempt I spawned right in front of the room I needed, if that matters.

HotelParadise02.pngOnce you find it, though, you'll be greeted by a very unexpected scenario upon entering. Even the inside of the room is randomized and unique, and the surreal feeling created by the bright neon colors through which just a computer in the distance stands out, is already enough of a reward for the time spent if you ask me. By interacting with said PC, then, you can discover Hotel Paradise's secrets, but just one per session. They're little gameplay features that enrich the following tries, and even though one can easily play without knowing any of them, the desire to make the best out of the experience kept me playing over and over again.

The game is available for Windows and Mac on