I was upset when q-bit Games' Holobunnies didn't make its original Kickstarter goals, fearing that the game about adorable holographic bunnies in space wasn't going to get made. Apparently, I wasn't the only one, as the developer went quiet on social media afterwards as they discussed what they wanted to do next. Happily, they refused to let this cute, challenging game die like that, and have returned to Kickstarter with a more modest goal to get the game done. After having tried the demo at PAX East, I can vouch that it is worth the money they're asking for.


Holobunnies is about a group of holographic bunnies traveling through space looking for a new planet to inhabit. The spacefaring varmints don't seem to mind the dangers that come with such a task, as going through each of the various planets, asteroids, and stars involves a lot of dangers. Spikes and other cute, slightly bloodthirsty creatures are wandering the worlds, and death is quite common. Being holograms makes dying a little easier to tolerate, as a quick respawn brings them back to the action, still smiling. It's hard to get mad at the treacherous worlds and constant deaths with the Holobunnies always bobbing and grinning the whole time. Somehow, they love this.


Danielle's magic wand and healing powers were all I got to try out during the demo, but there are other Holobunnies with different offensive abilities to choose from like carrot guns and bass guitars. With them, you're expected to wander the Cave Story-like caverns, trying to find a place a chubby, jet-pack using bunny might call home. Challenging despite its cute exterior, but still fair and balanced, Holobunnies expects skill from its players, but the positive nature of the bunnies makes trying again an easy thing to want to do. I only managed to find constant death and an angry, yet adorable, boss during the demo, but with q-bit Games' current Kickstarter racing towards its new goal, I'm confident I'll be travelling alongside the bunnies as they make their way home soon.

For more information on Holobunnies and q-bit Games, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.