It's nice to have a little garden to yourself. It's great to unwind by wandering through the gray, empty complex you live in, find a bathtub filled with dirty rainwater, and then water the plants and watch them grow. After that, why not take a little nap to forget that you haven't seen food in days? I mean, other than the fact that you'll be dogged by flames of darkness until the sun rises again, it's good to catch up on some sleep. Then again, not dreaming of living night pouring into your home is pretty great too, so maybe you should get to work helping the poor person living in the world of Lucky Pause's Homesick get out of there.


It's not very clear what's going on in Homesick, but apparently the main character has been living in a decaying complex for some time, having been there so long that they're not too fond of sunlight any more. It's your job to explore this place and open up its passageways, looking for answers as to how you got there and why taking a snooze works out so badly for your character. In the daytime, it's all point-and-click adventure puzzles and sunshine, but at night you're stuck chopping down doors with an axe while running from darkness. Maybe someone should consider using that axe more when they're awake in the daytime?


The developer is quiet about what that darkness means or how much danger you're in when it's around. It seems like touching it would be a bad thing, or that the source is nearby and going to cause trouble for the player, but I'm only speculating. Beyond that, the game's lovely music sets a calm mood for exploring the pretty, decrepit place you've found yourself in. Hopefully, many more answers will come when the game gets closer to its Spring 2015 release date.

You can preorder Homesick for $15. For more information on Lucky Pause and the game, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.