horizonshift.pngIn a world where the harder a bullet hell is, the better it is received, I highly doubt the upcoming Horizon Shift will face any troubles upon release. Flump Studios, developer of the game and old acquaintance of the site, has made public the official trailer not too long ago. There's a lot of hectic shooting and dodging, which I consider to be pretty standard. Though immediately next to that, you can also get a glance at other elements that aren't surely as expected.

The retro feel given by the simplistic graphics, thick and shiny outlines on a dark background, is what will probably make every shoot 'em up lover feel at home. Even because after a while, Horizon Shift will blast the player with so many fresh additions to the genre that it'll be tough to take them all at once.

Enemies come from the top and the bottom of the screen, while the player can move only horizontally along the line the splits the battlefield in two. However, as if things weren't already too hard, it's good to note that you won't be playing as a spaceship, for once. It's indeed a piece of undoubtedly powerful war machinery, but it simply doesn't fly. The platform on which you slide back and forth may break at some point. So that on top of dodging bullets, you'll also have to pay attention to eventual gaps and jump accordingly.

The trailer above should really explain everything you need to know.

Horizon Shift will come out on Steam in May, but the platforms are yet to be announced. For the time being, then, you can keep an eye on Flump Sudio's official site as well as following the developer directly on Twitter.