inkanians.pngThere isn't anything revolutionary if you merely judge the new Kronbits' Inkanians by its core gameplay. However, if there's something that can't really be said about these fine developers, is that they don't do things with style. They went a little out of their way to make this. But if you consider that this game has been nothing more than a side project, while they kept working on their main title Mighty Retro Zero, the result appears even more noteworthy. It's a puzzle game with a reasonable learning curve, but due to the unconventional score system, one can't simply be happy with clearing all the levels.

In Inkanians, you move a squared-inca box with the sole purpose of gathering all the shiny diamonds scattered around the levels. You need to take advantage of corners and special boxes here, as the collision-based interaction is what sets you up for success right from level 1. The static walls prevent the player to slide outside of the playable area. Whereas inside of it, moving obstacles, teleporters, and many more squares with unique powers are strategically placed to create intricate ways of completing the level.

The moves you make in total is also your score, and the point, is to finish the 60 levels available having that counter set as low as possible. You must be efficient, because every mistake counts. Thankfully, the R key stands by your side. So if you'll ever doubt of your choices, resetting the level before completing it can really save you those irritating couple of moves that you know you could've avoided. Once you're done with one, there's no going back. Keep this in mind.

The demo contains 15 levels, which is more than enough to let you evaluate the product and choose whether the $2.99 price is something you'd gladly pay. In any case, both the demo and the full version can be found on They're available for Windows, and Mac too.