Link swings his sword, says his hup hyahs, and we move on. He's an effective hero, but I don't get the feeling that he's as involved in combat as much as Lea from CrossCode. After watching Radical Fish Games' IndieGogo trailer and seeing her fearlessly fling herself into dozens of enemies, fists flying, the green-clad elf's sword swings just look paltry and lazy. Considering CrossCode is also implementing some crafty puzzles in its top-down gameplay, the game is not just showing that it is inspired by The Legend of Zelda, but is looking to surpass it.


Getting trapped in an MMO sounds like a drag, but Lea is doing her best to make all of the bad guys wish she wasn't stuck there with them. Capable of dashing, hand-to-hand, ranged shots, and defending, Lea keeps busy while fighting the hostile denizens of the top-down game. It also has an RPG growth system and new powers that build on your base abilities, too, so the fast-paced combat should stay engaging throughout. With further equipment and elements to pick up, there's a lot you can do to make punching faces a source of constant delight.


The MMO you're in, CrossWorlds, sounds pretty strange. That it takes place on another, actual planet with you inhabiting real bodies on that world is pretty weird, but the fact that it's focused on throwing balls is even stranger. Is this a dodgeball MMO? Whether it is or not, that's why many of the puzzles focus on using angles and thrown shots to solve them. There's still plenty of sliding block puzzles to keep players busy, but thrown balls is what this game world is about. Apparently the niche MMO market is much better in CrossCode's world than in ours.


CrossCode is looking for funding on IndieGoGo to wrap up its development, but it's not asking you to donate to them blind. They have released a demo for you to get a feel for its busy combat and for this strange world of balls and the throwing thereof. They need all the help they can get to finish up, so why not jump into Lea's shoes and introduce some monsters to your knuckles. Master Sword? Pfft.

For more information on CrossCode and Radical Fish Games, go to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, IndieDB, and Twitter.