itllallbeok01.pngOut of all the freeware titles that James Earl Cox III had made over the last few years, there's a specific type of games which he labels as music video(game)s. They're different. In a sense, they're much more thoughtful. In fact, they're created starting from the soundtrack rather than the gameplay or the artwork, and their goal is to embody the chosen tune into an interactive experience that has to be as long as the song itself (and not a single second more). It'll All Be Ok is his latest addition to that series of games. It lasts roughly five minutes, and yet it manages to present the strong theme of the loss of a loved one in a fresh and extremely touching fashion.

It's a minimalistic black and white sidescrolling runner where the player's input doesn't really matter. Sure, you can move the character back and forth pressing the A and D keys if you wish, but the lovely transitions between scenes that are tied to the song's beat will occur in any case.

It'll All Be Ok tells the story of a man who just lost his cat. It portrays the process of coping with the grief as a long, surreal chase of the pet's spirit between harsh conditions and weird environments. At first, the main focus is set on the protagonist that's standing right on top of the bare grave of the animal. However, as the music becomes louder and more instruments are thrown in the mix, new elements will be added to the background slightly anticipated by gentle flashes.

As the song progresses, things will get significantly stranger, and spoiling completely what lies right after the intro shown in the video above would probably ruin the whole experience. Let's just say that the game isn't always about running, and it may also involve a fall that definitely feels endless as well as some climbing while being watched by a very ominous figure. That's it, can't really say more than that.

It'll All Be Ok is available just for Windows users. It can be downloaded for free on Game Jolt or