pdta.jpgIf someone leaves you in front of a panel with one big red button in the middle and tells you not to touch anything while they just go to the bathroom real quick... well, of course pushing the button is what you want to do. In Please, Don't Touch Anything, a button-pushing puzzle game originally prototyped during Ludum Dare 31, you can do just that.

The game starts the player out with an almost empty panel and a screen showing a city. Pushing the button causes a switch to appear. Flipping the switch does nothing. The player must keep trying different things to see what happens, looking for ways to make new buttons and switches appear in a quest to find each of the game's sixteen endings, most of which are not happy endings for the city. There are clues in the environment, many of them crammed into the seemingly nonsensical instructions on the wall.

Although visually reminiscent of Papers, Please, this game is more of a silly poke-and-find adventure. Even if the player takes some time to figure out the puzzles, it's not a very long game. Anyone who played the original Ludum Dare version, which was called The Second Thought, might find it an even shorter experience, though new endings have been added and the original endings have been updated.

Please, Don't Touch Anything comes out for Windows on Steam today at the price of $4.99. Mac and Linux versions are planned for release later. The soundtrack will be available as a separate purchase for $2.99 via Steam and Bandcamp, with the option to purchase it bundled with the game for $6.99.

[Please, Don't Touch Anything]