ira01.jpgIra, a sci-fi point and click adventure that's currently being developed by Ore Creative, has been recently Greenlit. It didn't take a lot a lot of time really (as in less than one full month) for the game to sneak past all of the titles sitting on Steam Greenlight and jump right into the middle of the needed top 100. Although it's safe to say that the demo did enough to win the community's heart, the small team is now gearing up to go live with a Kickstarter campaign on the 2nd of April. So depending on the outcome, we'll finally be able to tell whether the final product will be actually released on time (Q1 2016) or not.

Here, you're going to be playing through three different storylines: one where the titular protagonist is still a child and hopes to become an astronaut, one where he's actually sent on a rescue mission in a mysterious solar system, and the last where the player takes on the role of the first lost crew that Ira's supposed to find. The destination is extraordinarily far away, so you're put in a stasis pod that is set to open only once the starship lands on the planet. Upon being awoken, though, you quickly realize that something went wrong. The remainder of the crew died, and the vehicle's AI that can be unplugged is the only sentient entity which can help you.

The demo doesn't show much of the main plot, as it focuses more on the main character's past to let the player learn the basics in a rather loose situation. The storytelling is nicely composed, and the 3D environments that can be explored in every direction are surprisingly detailed already. Still, what the devs feel like pointing out the most is the Overworld feature: a fast paced 2D semi-interactive mode that has been conceived to brilliantly link one main scene to another.

Other than that, the puzzles are meant to be solved through classic point and click mechanics. So despite introducing a couple of uncommon concepts, Ira can be enjoyed by old-school adventure lovers as well as more picky players in search of something new.

For now, the demo can be played right in your browser or downloaded for Windows over here.