apgrod01.pngSummon The Apgrod is the second release in a four game bundle that is currently being developed by ceMelusine. The first one, ORACLE, has been covered by Lena not too long ago, and now that purchasing East Van EP gives you twice the games than before, the deal has become significantly more appealing. But let's stick to the topic. Summon The Apgrod is a surreal bar-tending experience of reasonable length, which is actually perfect to enjoy it at its fullest without falling eventually into the repetitiveness of the job that you're forced into.

The show at the club where you work is completely sold out, so you get in first in order to set up the needed tools to serve whatever cocktail the customers will ask. The place is classy, and considering that ghosts aren't usually seen as good mannered entities, you'll be surprised by how calm and composed even the audience will be. Right, because here you serve ghosts rather than living people.

You've got three beverages at your disposal, and each one is marked by a very specific color. At first, the visual orders that get displayed right on top of every thirsty customer are simple: they merely require you to fill an entire glass of the same liquid and bring it to them. However, as the crowd grows, more complex mixtures will be requested, and your skills at dosing liquors in different percentages will be greatly challenged.

apgrod02.pngThe reactions to your cocktails are lovely. Seeing a ghost literally falling in love with what you've just prepared is definitely satisfying, but witnessing the unfortunate victim of a bad one is much funnier in a certain way.

As the show starts, everyone gets even more demanding, but at that point, you should be already pretty good at managing the bar. In fact, what you need to learn first is to juggle efficiently between the 'serving' and the 'mixing' stance. Because eventually, you'll be forced to make three drinks at once if you want to have the slightest chance of keeping every customer happy.

apgrod03.pngAnyway, there's nothing that actually says whether you're doing good or not. Summon The Aprgrod's goal is simply to have fun regardless of how many bad cocktails you've made. In the end, what really matters is that the summoning ritual (which definitely looks like a concert) has been performed successfully. So, after all your effort, you'll finally be able to understand who, or what, this Apgrod is supposed to be.

East Van EP can be purchased for $6. Buying it right now grants you access to the two games already available, as well as the ones that are yet to be announced. You can get it for Windows or Mac on itch.io.