Everything breathes in Wolfbrew Games' hack and slasher, Slain!, even if it shouldn't. The creatures that trudge across the dead moors, petrified woods, and towers drenched in crimson look natural in motion, showcasing a care in their animation that somehow makes them look even more unnatural. It's unsettling to watch a skeleton moving toward you, flaming sword in hand, as it breathes in and out through lungs it no longer has. Every enemy and location in the game shows this level of detail in their design, moving in unseen winds or dripping with strange fluid, and that can't be cheap. To finish up this beautiful, but sickening, game, Wolfbrew has started a Kickstarter for funding.


Slain! was in solid shape when we last looked at it a few months ago, and it continues to improve. The developer has added even more impressive visuals and effects to the game since that preview, fleshing out more detailed monsters in some of the stage previews and tightening up the combat. That combat is still just as bloody as before, but more complexities with magic have been added, and the game itself is running on a different engine. Heads are still going to be flying all over the place, but they will be flying a little more smoothly than before.


Your deaths will be just as bad as those of your enemies, too. You don't just fall down a pit in Slain!: you're mashed to pulp by heavy traps as you tumble in, or are devoured by worms that shoot up from the abyss. Wolfbrew Games really spared no expense in making your gory ends, creating unique death animations for many of the creatures and machines. Things rarely ever kill you the same way twice, which will make the game's challenge a little easier to swallow as monster after monster carves you up. It's hard, but at least you can look forward to a visually interesting death, one that makes it clear why the developers chose to call the game Slain!. So, if you'd like to finance even more gruesome ends, head over to the Kickstarter and donate a few more dollars to creating dead pixels.

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