spacejacked.pngFollowing the trail of unlikely mixes of genres that work surprisingly well, here we have Rotten Mage's Spacejacked. At this point in time, there's just a pre-alpha version available. Though for what it's worth, the game is already extraordinarily smooth and enjoyable regardless of its significant incompleteness. It's an action platformer tower defense. Which means that unlike what you may expect, everything here is done in real time. There's no time to plan a cost-effective defensive system, as you're thrown almost immediately in the middle of the pixelated sci-fi warfare.

The aliens have found a way to break into the spaceship, and quite obviously, you're the only one who can do anything about it. As the game will get closer to its expected Q3 release, new game modes will be added, but for now, we'll be focusing our attention on the currently playable endless mode. It's a never ending fight against the invaders, and just like in the campaign that is being added, the battle is divided in waves and split between different areas.

spacejacked02.pngAs a matter of fact, the spaceship you're supposed to defend is divided in 4 main rooms. The robotics lab, the engine room, the medical bay and the headquarters. The first 3 can be attacked at any given time. So on top of building towers everywhere, and keeping the cores of said rooms healthy, in the 10 seconds between the waves you must also reach the teleporter and go where you're most needed. Your gun overheats incredibly fast, it's definitely not a weapon that you can rely on, but providing a little backup is especially wise as the waves of monsters grow stronger.

Metal units are the only thing that matters in Spacejacked. You need them to build the 3 types of turrets, repair the cores, and acquire upgrades. Thankfully, they're dropped by the aliens. And just in case you find yourself in a pretty rough spot, you can dismiss any tower for the full cost and use the outcome to build your last stand anywhere else.

The game is definitely a tricky one. Getting used to the inverting gravity system can take you quite a lot of time. Though if you're familiar with games such as VVVVVV, and plenty of others along those lines, things should definitely be easier.

Spacejacked's free pre-alpha demo can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux on IndieDB. But if you prefer, it can also be played online on Game Jolt. Don't forget to vote for it on Steam Greenlight if you like what you see, and for every other inquiry, you can ask the developer on Twitter.