sss01.pngIt's really difficult to imagine a game that takes place in an abandoned settlement in the middle of nowhere where everything is peaceful and nothing will actually try to kill you. Let's be clear, Kitty Horrorshow's Sunset Spirit Steel is definitely not the exception you're looking for. The ominous atmosphere should be enough to tell you that this won't end well, and yet the way it makes you feel safe throughout most of the gameplay is the feature that I liked the most.

Sunset Spirit Steel is a first person exploration game where the player needs to retrieve several tiny pyramids scattered around the area. The dim purple-ish light of the sun makes the place look extraordinarily hostile, but aside from the menacing sound of the wind that can throw you off, no real threats can be seen. In the middle of this very limited scenery there's an imposing hill wrapped up by platforms, wooden bridges, and floating huts. Up there is where most of the pyramids can be found.

On top of what you're supposed to acquire, you'll also come across several strangely-shaped crystals. As you approach them they start to rotate, and the noises they emit don't really sound so welcoming. They don't like you, that's quite obvious, and you can't really interact with them in any way. That doesn't mean they're purposeless, but it's something you'll only realize much later on.

sss02.pngCollecting the glowing pyramids also brings back memories, it seems. Delusional comments will be displayed on screen, making you wonder what really happened in that place. At first you seem to be collecting these weird items in order to bring back the village on the hill to a lost era of glorious wealth. As you get to the others, a story of terror and fear of some unspecified supernatural entity begins to shape up.

From this point onwards, the best part of Sunset Spirit Steel kicks in. You're left wondering whether you're being fooled by simple words or if there's really something inhuman close to you that is about to attack. I was almost petrified. Anyway, there's nothing you can do other than to stay calm and complete the task you're assigned.

sss03.pngIn all honesty, I wouldn't recommend this to the faint of heart. If that doesn't apply to you, then you can get it for Windows, Mac, and Linux with the pay-what-you-want model on (which also includes the free option).