flawedones.jpgPerhaps I should have named this Trailer: Roundup, given how many Title: Subtitle games we have this week. Regardless, there's a good balance of tone from serious to silly and type from action to relaxing puzzle game.

60 Seconds!
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
$TBA | Sometime 2015 | Greenlight

From the developer: "Reaching the fallout shelter in time and alive is only the beginning. Whatever you scavenged and whoever you saved will play a vital role in your survival. Each survival story will be different, with every day surprising you with unexpected events. Will all of these stories end well? It's up to you."

Armed with Wings: Rearmed
Windows, Mac | $7.99 | May 2015

From the developer: "Armed with Wings: Rearmed is a 2D action/puzzle platformer where you control a skilled warrior and cunning eagle, traveling through various lands and fortresses filled with challenging puzzles, enemies and platforming. It's a completely reinvented and vastly superior version to the original Armed with Wings game of 2008."

Breath of Light
iOS | $2.99 | Available now

This is a relaxing puzzle game. Mechanically, it plays similarly to Auditorium, with the player moving the posts around to change the flow of light and make all the flowers colorful. Where Auditorium focuses on audio intensity, however, this game is more about the visuals. (Though it does have lovely audio as well.)

Captain Forever Remix
Windows, Mac, Linux | reg. $14.99 | Early access

A roguelite in which you build a space ship with which to destroy enemies so that you can use the scrap from their ships to add to your ship so that you can destroy enemies so that you can use the scrap... yeah, anyway, it's 15% off until April 3 because it just released.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $14.99 | April 21, 2015

The Mad Max meets FTL roguelite has gotten a release date and with it comes a trailer showing off how the game looks now, after its successful Kickstarter.

Flawed Ones: Puppeteer
Windows, Mac, Linux | $5+ | Late 2015 | Indiegogo | Greenlight

A shadow pupeteer working the street discovers that he has gained the ability to control people with his puppetry and decides to use his newfound power to rule. That's the setup for what looks to be a really interesting strategy game in which the battle is played out in lanes and it's very clear which side is winning at any given time. The game will support multiplayer.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers
Windows, Mac | $TBA | Early access on April 6

A free running/parkour game that isn't trying to be Mirror's Edge. It's a multiplayer arcade/adventure game. After getting good feedback from some of their Kickstarter backers, they're looking to early access to get yet more feedback and improve the game. They're aiming for full release in spring of 2016.

Melancholy Republic
Windows | ~$15+ | March 2016 | Kickstarter

This game is inspired by the grand cities found in some JRPGs such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, as well as the storytelling style of To The Moon. The whole game is to take place within one city and be about a female politician trying to combat corruption in its government.

Sky Battles
Windows, Mac | $9.99 | Available now

A game about aerial assaults on giant boss monsters. Looks like there's a good variety of monsters, too.

The Weaponographist
Windows | $TBA | April 29, 2015

From the developer: "It's a speedrunning hack-n-slash dipped in a bit of rogue sauce.... And... it has a rocket-powered T-Rex that vomits enemies."