cs1.gifA fellow who goes by Miguelito has been working on a humorous, retro-inspired action platformer with a world map in his spare time. The game, which has a working title of ChickenSword, is currently slated for a PC release (to be ported to consoles, including handhelds, afterward) with a broad estimate for its release date as sometime in 2016. In the meantime, Miguelito has answered a few questions for us to go with the GIFs he's been showing off during development. You can also keep up with the game's development at the TIGSource forums or by following Miguelito on Twitter.

cs2.gifWhat features are currently implemented in the game?

So far I've implemented everything you'd expect from fairly retro action side-scroller, such as combos and special abilities like double-jump, dash, air slash, aerial buzz-saw, etc... The top-down overworld map also resembles a classic RPG map with open exploration.

blood_explosion.gifWhat features are planned but not yet implemented?

While most features are already implemented, I'm still working out exactly how character progression will function. Originally I had a standard level system with stat growth, but it didn't make the game more fun so I trashed it.

Fwt8P30.gifHave you created the game 100% by yourself, or have you had help from anyone else?

The work is all done by me, but nobody really works by themselves. I've learned a ton by watching others before me.

csblock.gifWhat inspired you to start working on ChickenSword?

Chickens historically get pushed around in games, such as Zelda and Fable. I though it might be funny to make a chicken who pushes back. It was.

aCAnh1p.gifIs this your first game? If not, what else have you worked on?

This is my first time making a game, but I've been a professional software developer for nearly a decade.

duckband.gifIs there anything else you'd like to tell our readers?

Oh, I don't know. If you want to do something, like make a game, just do it. Nobody accomplishes anything by standing on the sidelines. :D