Darkness is a major player in horror, limiting your knowledge of the environment and what's going on within it. It makes every sound frightening and loads the smallest movements with dangerous meaning. In that vein, light is safety; it's logic in an often unreal world, giving context and meaning to the things we see bumping in the night. Even if it is a monster walking towards us, at least we know what it is now and how to properly react to it. It's that mixture of darkness and light that makes OSome Studio's White Night so striking, both visually and through the gameplay. You can see that for yourself now that it's available to buy for $14.99 on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4, too.


Taking place during the 1930's and inspired by the surreal realities of German Expressionist films like The Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Nosferatu, you find yourself in a constant struggle between light and dark. Light sources are your only hope of navigating the manor - the only thing that can pierce the inky blackness that surrounds you. If a light is nearby you may be able to see the lines of close objects, but otherwise, it is pitch black. As those light sources get smaller, it gives the sensation that you only exist on a tiny island of reality in a hostile sea of darkness and madness. And there are hostile things out there looking to hurt you in that dark.


White Night is a look back at the origins of survival horror, a return to puzzles in creepy manors, utilizing atmosphere, sound, and its striking visuals to unsettle the mind. Its visuals have perfectly captured the struggle of night and light often used in horror, turning it into a gameplay mechanic to solve its riddles and to find your way through the game. Will you join the main character on his lonely island of light in this tossing sea of blackness and face the apparitions that thrive within?

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