deadsecret2.png Little was shown in the teaser trailer for Robot Invader's new horror game, Dead Secret, beyond a bit of the location. Wandering through an abandoned house told me little about the storyline, but the Japanese Noh masks and the creeping sense of oncoming dread still promised that something wasn't right with the world. Now, they've released a longer trailer that says a little bit more about what is going on in the game, and also on what to fear in it. Most horror games are content to make players afraid of the dark, but Dead Secret is going to make you afraid of the light as well. deadsecret1.png There are four suspects in a murder, and the clues you need to solve it are hidden somewhere in this little house in the middle of nowhere. You'll be becoming very familiar with the place as you experience it through the Samsung Gear VR, solving point-and-click style puzzles as you move deeper into the house. Funny thing is, most murderers don't really want to be caught, and the trailer shows that several things are out to stop your case. Strangers begin to appear wearing the Noh masks, and from the limited moments the trailer shows of them, I already know I want nothing to do with them . deadsecret3.png The slow approach of the person on the stairs had me cringing, and this was when he was showing up in broad daylight. This is an interesting approach given how many horror games use darkness to increase fear lately, doing so to the point where I find I'm barely able to see in these games. Dark horror games, while scary in their own right, startle and surprise, which does work, but is also taking an easier way out. If I see a shadow out of place at night, it's going to make me jump. Dead Secret is trying to build a more powerful menace, having me reach a point where I can leap from fear in the light of day. As to whether this is just a single powerful moment or a hint to terrors chasing you in the daylight remains to be seen, but either way, Dead Secret already seems to be exuding menace with only a few minutes of trailer. For more information on Robot Invader and Dead Secret, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.