planeter01.pngThere aren't a lot of games that make me feel like I could play them forever. But since the moment I stumbled upon Ditto's PLANETER, a new one has been added to that list. It doesn't really belong in any genre, or at least, not in the common ones you're used to. However, mainly due to its immense adorableness, everything you see almost works as a constantly renewed invitation to stay a little longer. It's a crossing between an interactive art tool and an endless 2D exploration game, and as such, it's incredibly easy to lose track of time while playing.

The soundtrack is soothing, and it suits the lightheartedness of PLANETER very well. In fact, here you're going to be taking control of a strange little entity as it tries to literally grow its own planetary system through the intuitive game mechanics. There isn't anything that will try to stop you. It's just a peaceful trail of events powered by the shiny colors of the random generation of new planets that you trigger one step at a time.

Creating a new planet is easier done than said. In short, you can essentially do it by locating a strange device (it's a rectangle with short stripes) and then place it on a machine of the same color. Between every generation there will always be one of each, so the only thing you have to do, is to find where are these two elements and get the work done. As your planetary system grows, the task will become slightly more time-consuming. However, the animation of a new planet appearing is so satisfying that makes every second you spent completely worth it.

planeter02.pngNew planets might come with new life forms, and you can grab them just like the mighty device and bring them wherever you want. To move between the satellites there are two ways, you can jump between one and another, or you can float pressing your Spacebar hoping that the gravity of distant celestial bodies will catch you.

In either case, navigating through your creation is legitimately fun. The deluxe version of PLANETER costs $3.00. It features more aliens than the free version as well as nicer looking planets. Both can be acquired on for Windows.