vlt01.pngSooner or later, throughout the development process of any ambitious game the time to look for some monetary help will always come. For Lorne Whiting's solo project Violent Little Things that moment came just a couple of days ago, and in order to face it and possibly overcome such funding troubles a Kickstarter campaign has been launched. The game's synopsis is pretty straightforward. It's so direct that whether you're into action games or more strategy-oriented experiences, a glimpse at its trailer should be enough to at least intrigue you a bit.

It's pretty hard to actually describe Violent Little Things, as it really has a lot of action platforming paired with some quite unexpected tactical base defense. Every level features countless waves of "forgelings" that you're supposed to put down, but that can only be done if you manage to set up the limited defensive constructions effectively. Real-time combat is very important too; however, the ultimate secret to succeed appears to be the development of your own battle style that must be refined acquiring solely the upgrades that suit it the most.

The game is set on a moon controlled by space pirates, and the player is sent there in order to retrieve a valuable machinery that was lost while it was being transported. It's a forge, as a matter of fact, the very same semi-sentient entity that is creating those little creatures that are trying to kill you.

The main storyline will take up to fourteen hours to reach its full completion, though for those who just love to make their lives difficult the developer is looking to implement several additional challenges and a system to manually alter the difficulty of every level. Evidently, the harder you make it, the better the loot at the end of the battle will be. Moreover, to take on some of the most challenging scenarios that Violent Little Things will present, an interesting "asymmetrical co-op mode" has also been conceived. At this point there's not a lot to say about it, but since it's set to be released after the initial launch of the early access build, more details will certainly be disclosed a little further down the line.

vlt02.pngKickstarter funding will not only help the developer in terms of life expenses, in fact, a little chunk is also needed to bring Jukio Kallio (Nuclear Throne musician) on board.

Violent Little Things should be ready for Windows by the end of Summer 2015, while Mac users will get their chance to play it this fall, hopefully. The crowdfunding campaign can be viewed over here for those interested.