bitsummit2015.pngBitSummit, a game show held in Kyoto and focusing on Japanese indie games and developers, will be back for a third year. Although the first two BitSummit events were held in March, this year's event will take place on July 11th and 12th at last year's location, the Miyako Messe. As of this year, though, developers 17-Bit, Pygmy Studio, Q-Games, and Vitei have formed the Japan Independent Games Aggregate (JIGA) to oversee the planning and execution of BitSummit. JIGA has partnered with the Indie Megabooth, who will be lending their event experience to the organization.

With these partnerships, BitSummit aims to expand the international attention to the growing Japanese independent development scene, recruit experienced global teams and partners for mentorship, and establish a new foundation and organizational support for BitSummit's continued evolution. Last year's event brought over 120 local developers, 5000 attendees and global support from Unity 3D, The Behemoth, Epic Games Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, and Microsoft Japan, to name a few. Last year also saw the inauguration of the BitSummit Awards, which will continue this year.

The BitSummit web site doesn't currently have any more information than that, but if it follows the pattern of the last two years, the site will be updated with more information about the schedule, musical guests, networking events, and other details as the event draws nearer. There is also a newsletter to which interested parties can subscribe for news.