Go watch the trailer for Bunker Punks. Do it right now. Did you see how the whole world bucks and kicks every time you pull the trigger? How every blast and shot makes the screen tremble? Bunker Punks is looking to take you back to the world of Doom II, where circle strafing was king and the shotgun hit with such force you thought it would blow the back off that heavy CRT monitor you hated carrying to your friend's house for lan parties. It's also bringing roguelike elements, recruitment, equipment, and base management into the fray, assuring your character is well cared for and fully armed before they head off to raise the flag of revolution against the corporate overlords that have filled the streets with hostile robots and drones.


There's a lot going on in Bunker Punks. The frantic action, inspired by 90's shooters, involves powerful, explosive weaponry and enemies that just devour bullets before going down. The stages you find those enemies in are procedurally-generated, so good luck guessing what will be waiting on the streets when you leave that bunker. It's pure twitch shooting, kiddies. There are some nice toys lying around each level that you can bring back to your hideout should you survive the night, and your characters level up with the experience gained from all of the robots you blew up along the way. This allows for a bit more customization in how you fight, not only in how you level but across the various characters you recruit and level up. You choose how you want to tackle the game, and who to tackle it with.


A revolution is more than just shooting robots, though. It's about drawing people to your cause, so you'll need to expand your bunker and recruit new members to help grow the movement. Managing your bunker will help your fighters grow and stay strong, requiring you use your head as much as your reflexes. I don't think developer Ninja Robot Dinosaur will have much trouble bringing people to the Bunker Punk cause, though. Not with that sweet, sweet twitch gunplay and all of the other neat gameplay elements to draw them in.

Bunker Punks is available for preorder for $14.99 from the Humble Store. For more information on it and developer Ninja Robot Dinosaur, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, and Tumblr.