ybe01.pngThis isn't the first time we mention developer Shilov. About a year ago we highlighted his adventure game The Rats in the Wall, and after a semi-silent period where he managed to let people forget about him, here he comes with a brand new experience. Your Bizarre Eyes is a short platformer however, so despite maintaining a very similar art style it's difficult to find more elements that the two games have in common.

It's a short story of love and devotion, developer says, and unlike what everyone would expect that doesn't necessarily mean that the epilogue will be happy and satisfying. It's actually the opposite all things considered, but spoiling it any further would probably ruin everything. The dismal cinematic that is played right off the bat shows that your wife can't see anymore, and although it lacks of any in depth explanation I feel like the struggle to deal with such a heavy burden has been pictured perfectly. It's up to the protagonist to do something about it, and so the actual game starts with him claiming that he knows exactly how to handle this disheartening situation.

ybe02.pngThe platforming mechanics are fairly standard, though every level throughout the three worlds that have to be cleared will most likely give you a hard time in any case. Spikes cover almost the entirety of every area to be fair, so learning the exact moment when you're supposed to activate your double jump is key. It's more of a mental effort rather than a matter of raw skill, really. All you need to do is to be good at timing a multitude of actions that you must perform in a fast sequence.

All the worlds are composed by just three levels, and the first two will reward you with a blue orb that alter slightly the way you see your surroundings. From a dead black-and-white appearance everything will turn into a bright and colorful scenario eventually. However, in spite of the charming look, the game will only get harder from there.

ybe03.pngI thought that the shift in colors was the depiction of the main character succeeding in its intent at first, but perhaps, restoring someone's sight is a little too much even for a game. Your Bizarre Eyes is available on Game Jolt and it's playable directly online for free.