I lost a transformer in a park once. I did not even consider going into my toy chest, grabbing a sword and shield, and then fighting my way across the city to find it. I simply did not possess the same level of courage as the young girl from LookAtMyGame's Finding Teddy 2, and even if I did, I doubt five-year-old me could pogo stab or double jump at all. Might have made for a difficult trek, but then again, there are very few giant monsters or sprawling mazes in my home town.


Finding Teddy 2 has released since the last time it was on trailer roundup, bringing its mix of Zelda II-style action and Metroidvania exploration to Steam. The game is a bit of a strange departure (sort of like Zelda II was) from its point and click origins in the first Finding Teddy, but it could just be that the little girl is pretty sick of people stealing her toys and is going to clobber some folks over it. Just stop taking the poor kid's stuff, all right? We are done being civil about toy theft. Anyway, It falls to you to help guide her through the world and bring teddy back, using your own sense of direction and skills to locate it. Dig out a pencil, though, as the game offers no map or directions on how to find it.


Part of figuring things out involves a little bit of music with an instrument called the Musicom, too. To complete certain puzzles and paths, the young girl will need to find tones and play songs with that instrument. Maybe you'll even get to play a song for the creatures there called "If You Steal My Teddy Again Then Finding Teddy 3 Will Be an FPS and It Will Not Go Well For You." It's going to be a real chart topper. Maybe then the monsters there will get the hint that you shouldn't screw with this little girl's toys any more. Unlike mine, because I was a useless, lazy child. And I certainly couldn't double jump.

Finding Teddy 2 is available for $14.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and LookAtMyGame, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.