ICBM.pngICBM stands for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and it's something you should definitely be worried about. Or not. You could always stop worrying and love the bomb and promptly play brilliant freeware offering ICBM. It's a game straight from 1990 freshly released in 2015 taking place in 1983, it is.

ICBM, besides looking absolutely fantastic and feeling as polished as a particularly polished, err, thing, is a very clever, very manipulative, politically charged war sim that's excellently designed and disturbingly realistic. It's a horrific Cold War simulation, casting you as First Lieutenant Derek Evans; Ellsworth Air Force Base's newest Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander and a man who can blow everyone up for freedom!

Think you can handle the pressure? Well, think again.

ICMB2.pngDownload ICBM for Windows over at GameJolt where you can also grab its soundtrack. Oh, and do give its lovely official site a look too.