Seeing how he's frowning most of the time, I get the impression that Tcheco doesn't want to be in the Castle of Lucio. With all the spikes, monsters, laser-shooting paintings, evil soccer games, fire chains, and hostile swimmers, it's no wonder he's just trying to get the keys and get out. Much like the castle in Castlevania, this place shapes and changes itself, although instead of gothic halls, this structure seems to like classic platformers, sending poor Tcheco to any number of city streets, dark halls, and skateboard parks. Will you turn his frown upside down and help him get out of Marcelo Barbosa's Tcheco and the Castle of Lucio?


Tcheco and the Castle of Lucio is a lighthearted platformer starring Brazilian cartoon character Tcheco, and is actually a more robust version of the previously-released Tcheco no Castelo no Sarney (free on the game's site or GameJolt). It's adding in more levels and making some technical improvements to the last game, building on and improving the silly action. The NES-inspired platformer already seems to take players to many different locations, but Barbosa wants to add even more locales to this next release, sending players to over fifty strange spots. Also, he'll be translating it into English for people like me who don't quite know what got Tcheco into this mess.


The action seems quite simple, but the varied locations and gameplay demands make the game look entertaining. Skateboarding vertically up a spike-filled pipe? Sure. Playing soccer against an irate skull? Why not? Dodging other swimmers while sneaking keys from the bottom of a pool? Yeah, all right. Tcheco and the Castle of Lucio draws heavily from the random, bizarre levels of NES-era games, sending you to any place the developer can think of in any given stage. With nothing but his jumps, skateboard, and a hilarious battle cry of "Violence is my art!" to get him through all of those weird places, I still think you and Tcheco will be ok in the end, though. At the very least, you'll have a laugh together.

For more information on Tcheco and the Castle of Lucio and Marcelo Barbosa, you can follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.