Following the success of adventure-RPG hybrid Quest for Infamy, aptly named dev studio Infamous Quests has decided that we need more expertly crafted games in the fine tradition of Quest of Glory and, truth be said, we do. Hence Order of the Thorne & Roehm To Ruin were born and a Kickstarter campaign to fund them was organized.

The campaign has happily already reached its humble funding goal and, with 11 days left, is aiming to hit its $35,000 stretch target that will lead to yet another game: Order of the Thorne II - Fortress of Fire. As for the games themselves, Fortress of Fire will be all about squiring to a knight and exploring the titular castle, The Order of the Thorne 1 will cast you as a bard complete with Loom-like mechanics and Roehm to Ruin will be a prequel to Quest for Infamy.

All games will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux and a pledge of $15 will get you both Order of the Thorne and Roehm To Ruin. Higher pledges are, of course, accompanied by more exotic rewards.