7279-shot1-1429582579.jpg-eq-900-500.jpgLudum Dare 32 is in its three-week judging period with over 2,800 games submitted. This is the first time there have been more entries for the 72-hour Jam than for the 48-hour Compo, though the total number of games is about the same as Ludum Dare 31 had. The theme this time was An Unconventional Weapon. Here are ten games from this Ludum Dare; If you want to browse the rest of the entries yourself, head over to the Ludum Dare web site. (Note: The newest version of Chrome doesn't allow Unity Web Player to run.)

Adventure Lamp
Web (Non-Unity) | Compo

15577-shot0-1429542891.png-eq-900-500.jpgThis puzzle platformer is more difficult than its adorable main character might have you believe, and I burst out laughing the first time I hit the space bar and my hat went flying. The game doesn't forgive the player falling off of platforms, but the hat respawns when it falls of or if it's been off the player's head for a few seconds.

Flail Rider
Web (Unity), Windows | Jam

40591-shot2-1429587445.png-eq-900-500.pngPlain ol' destructive fun in bright colors. This isn't the first game I've played with a flail attached to the back of a car and the controls take getting used to, but even before you get used to them, it's tons of fun. I recommend playing with a controller.

A Knife Made Of Whispers
Windows | Compo

3479-shot0-1429499602.gif-eq-900-500.gifThis is the entry from previous Ludum Dare compo winner Daniel Linssen (Birdsong, The Sun and Moon). The player can only attack enemies within the radius of the lantern's light and attacking reduces the radius temporarily. The lamp can be moved, and not dropping it in pits is just as important as avoiding falling into them yourself.

Mable: The Journey
Windows, Mac | Compo

12495-shot0-1429485678.png-eq-900-500.jpgMable: The Journey requires an actual install (on Windows, at least), but in my opinion it's worth the trouble. This is my favorite implementation of the theme thus far; the sword looks normal, but is never used directly. Instead, you turn into a fairy and upon your return to normal, the sword comes back to you, damaging anything on its way to you. Color is leeched from the forest when you're in fairy form and returned upon the death of enemies. It's very difficult and requires practice to master. Now if only the instructions weren't behind the foreground trees.

Web (Unity), Windows, Mac | Compo

nopaew.pngNOPAEW is a 2D platformer with destructable terrain which stays destroyed when you respawn. It's not easy; ammo is scarce, keys are guarded, and since the world state is preserved when you die, you not only lose your hard-won ammo on death, but it doesn't come back. It's got a really neat aesthetic, too. I was not skilled enough to beat this one, but the unconventional weapon is supposed to be deep within the level.

Web (Flash) | Jam

7279-shot2-1429582619.png-eq-900-500.jpgThis 2D platformer is gorgeous and has great mood-setting audio to go with it. What makes it fun to play is that targeting an enemy to attack draws the player to it, allowing for fun hops around the levels. I don't see much connection to the theme, but it's a good game.

Soul Breaker
Windows, Mac, Linux | Jam

52749-shot1-1429578053.png-eq-900-500.jpgThis is a puzzle platformer in which the weapon is the character's glowing heart. The player can send it rocketing out of their open chest, attacking enemies or bouncing along corridors too big for the player to fit in. It's a fun mechanic and the graphics are nice.

Windows, Mac, Linux | Jam

23493-shot0-1429629414.png-eq-900-500.pngThe goal in this game is to zoom along without running into things until time runs out. The timer is the music, which is not only heard but seen in the pulsing of the obstacles in front of you. When the music is more intense, there are more obstacles, and since the music track has a very action-movie feel to it, everything meshes together very nicely.

The Very Literal Fall of Atlantis
Web (Unity), Windows, Android | Jam

50492-shot3-1429573935.png-eq-900-500.jpgAtlantis is falling to pieces around you and you must use the falling pieces to jump your way to safety above. Other Atlaneans are trying to do the same, though, and sometimes they can push the platform you're aiming for back down. It's not easy, but it is different and hilariously silly.

Wink Murder
Web (Unity), Windows, Linux | Compo

22263-shot0-1429472472.png-eq-900-500.jpgColorful little cubes are wandering around a monochromatic world, and your job is to wink them out of existence as soon as you see them. The environment is neat in a surrealist way, and although finding the last cube can be like the proverbial needle in a haystack search, it's a neat concept and I enjoyed playing it.