diemetal1.pngIt's pretty hard to tell where Team Bred's DIE METAL is headed. The proof of concept available is promising to say the least, but it's also true that the developers haven't stated anything too serious in regards to its future. Personally, I liked the concept of mashing classic tower defense elements together with the more frantic twin-stick shooter gameplay, and even though the barely playable version I tried needed a restart every once in a while the experience overall has been definitely satisfying.

Here, the player takes on the role of the invader rather than the one that's being attacked. Local fauna decided that the humanity isn't welcome anymore on their planet, and so DIE METAL depicts the great battle at one of the last living outposts that mankind managed to build upon its unwanted arrival.

The presentation is minimalistic, even somewhat dull I would say, but if you think that a game with such aesthetics is basically bound to be underwhelming and quite peaceful this one will make you think twice. The screen-shake as the ship controlled by the player shoots is extremely brutal, and as weird as it sounds, the close combat that you'll end up caught in is inevitable despite this being just a tower defense with a little more real-time action involved.

There are three types of turrets that you can build: the autocannon, the railgun and the spingun. Each one of those cost a different amount of money, and such currency is indirectly created on the go by destroying waves of angry aliens sent towards the reactor that you must defend. On top of that, the static weapons must also be kept in top shape, so you better save a good chunk of your funds in order to repair the most needy towers during the few seconds of peace between the endless attacks.

diemetal2.pngDIE METAL is still under heavy development, so trying to imagine the way it will evolve is pretty useless right now. A bug-less version will be eventually delivered though, and despite not knowing how much of a well-rounded game we'll end up with it's still advisable to keep an eye on its itch.io page. A browser version as well as a downloadable build for Windows are there demanding to be tried.