We never saw the octopus war coming. With their floppy bodies and need to be constantly underwater, why would we have ever expected their attack? We were helpless as they surged from the sea, bodies covered in armor forged in volcanic pits beneath the waves. Confused and disorganized, we couldn't stop them from taking our children and leaving our civilization in ruins. Not all octopuses wanted the war, though. Some of them stood back, watching the fighting until they couldn't abide the violence any more. Christophe Galati's Tasukete Tako-San: Save me Mr Tako tells that story, speaking of the bravery and nobility of a single hat-wearing octopus who stood against his brothers for peace.


Mr Tako, having fled from mandatory military service, isn't as well armed as his former friends. Only able to jump and spit ink, he has to find his way around safely. Spitting ink only temporarily paralyzes his enemies, though, although that's enough to let him use them like a platform and get away. Still, hats, chosen armament of the octopuses, have been hidden away in ancient chests since before the first grain of sand tumbled down time's hourglass. These hats give you powers far greater than just making me laugh because an octopus in a hat is funny, letting players use swords, bows, or bombs. These hats let you take an additional hit (octopuses are kinda squishy), and also provide over twenty five different abilities, with more on the way. Maybe you CAN turn this war around.


While exploring the Game Boy-styled environments, you can also speak with the other octopuses and people of the world. Exploring villages, you can find help and get hints for your quest, or maybe find a secret level or two. If guiding an octopus around a war-torn world while wearing different dapper hats sounds as good to you as it does to me, you can grab the demo from the game's site. Help join the fight against octopus violence by being violent towards other octopuses!


For more information on Tasukete Tako-San : Save me Mr Tako and Christophe Galati, you can head to the developer's site, the game's IndieDB site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.