westerado1.jpgHaving just drawn my gun and decisively ended a conversation that wasn't really going anywhere, I must now do the right thing and let you know that Westerado: Double Barreled has just been released on Steam for Windows and Mac. Actually, if you hurry you might even grab it with a 20% off discount too.

Now, if you haven't deduced so already, let me also inform you that Westerado: Double Barreled is a playable spaghetti western with incredibly atmospheric and richly animated pixel-art graphics. Also, it's quite frankly brilliant, though I do have to admit I have only spent a few hours with it.

westerado2.jpgThen again, just like its aesthetic value, the fine mix of adventuring, exploring, shooting and mini-gaming is immediately evident only minutes after loading the thing up. Play a bit and you'll also discover a truly open-ended game with some great writing and the correct dosage of humour.

You can be an outlaw or a saint. A talker or a shooter. An explorer and an adventurer, who will hopefully manage to discover the desperado who murdered his family.