campfire.pngIt's hard to imagine a game heavily centered around music that's not a hectic arcade title where having a good sense of rhythm is all that matters. I couldn't literally think of any until I played Florian Decupper's Campfire. However, now that I've spent some time trying not to make my ears bleed due to my own fault, I can finally envision once again the many purposes that music can fulfill. Sometimes you need it because it pumps you up, while in other occasions such as in this one it is simply meant to be relaxing.

In all seriousness though, Campfire can be barely considered a game. A much better description would be "music tool", and if I wanted to be more specific I should've added that it's one of extreme cuteness. Here, you can choose to play as a strange green animal who plays the guitar or a blue baboon armed with a djembe. With the keyboard you control the first, whereas the mouse lets you play the much more limited percussion instrument that's anyway complex enough to create pretty lovely beats.

Providing that you know how to play the guitar, and you've got a friend who's willing to team up on the go, with Campfire you can really produce something truly amazing. All the main chords that you're supposed to be aware of are replicated flawlessly, but in the end it's the dreamy atmosphere what really makes this experience worth a try.

The hand-drawn semi-static scene portrays the two animals right in front of a crackling fire. And for what it matters, only said elements are animated. In spite of that, however, the game results to be extraordinarily immersive in any case. In fact, if you try to play something while your room is being lit only by the monitor itself, it can almost feel like you're there with them. It doesn't matter if you're producing meaningful harmonies or you're just randomly trying your luck on the guitar. The echoing of anything that comes out of the two instruments makes the whole experience magical and incredibly soothing.

Campfire can be downloaded on for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Alternatively, though, you can also play the browser version that can be found here.